(Solved) How To Remove Shortcut Virus And Get Back My Data Affected By Shortcut Virus

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How are you? Hope you are very well. Everybody worried about shortcut virus who use computer, because of in this time shortcut virus has become epidemic in this world. There are two types of shortcut virus.

File and Folder Shortcut Virus: This virus replicates your files and folders, hide and exchange it with shortcuts.exe. This can be a mixture of Trojan and Worm. The unhealthy issue concerning this crosscut virus, it’ll leave you no choices however to click it so as to open your files and folders. Then once execution it, the virus starts to duplicate itself and install malicious code that monitors your computing habit and worst, steal your vital knowledge and master card data.
Flash Drive Shortcut Virus: This is strictly Trojan; it consolidates each get in your transportable devices and place it into one hidden folder. Then, it creates a Flash Disk cutoff.exe. Just like the file and a folder cutoff virus, it’ll offer you no selections however to click it to examine your files. Once dead, it installs malicious applications that spy your computing routine and most likely steal your money records if not detected.
How To Remove Shortcut Virus And Get Back Your Data:
Anyway today I am going to show you how to remove shortcut virus and get back your data affected by shortcut virus.
At first insert your flash drive into the computer. Now go to the control panel–> Click Folder Options, now will open Folder Options wizard–> Click on the View tad–> Click Show hidden files, folders, and drives and uncheck the bellow four options.
  1. Hide empty drives
  2. Hide extensions for known file types
  3. Hide folder merge conflicts
  4. Hide protect operating system files (Recommended)

After clicking the 4thoption click Yes –> Ok. Now go to your flash drive and your all files are back. But you can’t unhide your files, because of hidden option is disable. So we need to enable hidden option. For enabling the hidden option, click Start Menu–> Write in the search box CMD –> Right click on Command Prompt (CMD) –> Click Ran as Administrator –> After opening command prompt type the bellow command in the command prompt.
attrib -h -r -s /s /d k:*.*
Now replace “K” with your drive letter (My drive letter is “K”). After doing this press Enter. Now go back again to your drive and see your all files are completely unhide and hidden option is enabled.
Now you must remove the virus from your computer. For removing this virus, personally I use Windows Defender, Microsoft Essential Security, kespersky, avast. Install an antivirus then give the update and scan your full computer.
Video trik Of This Tricks:

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Md. Manjurul Islam (Rubel)

(Solved) How To Remove Shortcut Virus And Get Back My Data Affected By Shortcut Virus
Aneka Laptop Dan Driver Laptop

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