Preview from Windows 10

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Preview from Windows 10
Preview from Windows 10
Many users like to sit in front of the computer excited to finally be able to download the preview of the new operating system Windows 10. There have grown up already many rumors about the new features of the operating system. Some were already known, including the innovation of the recurring start menu.
The Preview Windows provides, of course, does not solve all the secrets to the new operating system, but consumers can already test some apps and controls in order to get a first taste.
It is well known until now that Microsoft has made ​​numerous changes to the design and is returned to a much lighter operating structure. So you can look forward to the Preview. In the following article we shall now briefly explain to what extent the preview of Windows 10 is available and what is inside.
What’s in the preview there?
This is probably the most frequently asked question! What’s in the new Windows 10? Users can now take the first steps with the Preview. Of course, users are not all Apps and original components of the operating system in the free download version is available, although Windows has designed the Preview quite lush.
Users enjoy the right, for example, the new Photos app, which is available as Universal-app on other devices. The Control Panel will be replaced against an app version, in addition users a preview version of the App Store can enter in January Preview. However, the new Start menu is already available on the Preview.
If you want to use the speech bubble icon in the notification area, an earlier version of the new action bar appears in Windows 10. In the end also has the Explorer get a little refresher. In the order entry user now be found under “General” a small drop-down menu.
No language assistant
Must on what consumers in Preview unfortunately refrain is the language assistant. If you want to still try the Cortina language assistant, helps only the handle to the English version. Here it is also already known that the Windows is to have 10 Preview slight stability problem.
What should install private user?
If you want the Preview as a private person also test and whether to see only the appearance, or simply to even the new Desktop, then pick up the Preview normal January.
Whether a switch from preview of the final version is possible later, at the present time cannot be determined, you will therefore have to be surprised.

The Preview of Windows 10, you can download it from Microsoft.

Preview from Windows 10
Aneka Laptop Dan Driver Laptop

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