Installing Sound in Compaq CQ Series

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Compaq Presario CQ series here including CQ40, CQ35 in addition to also CQ45. which method also applicable to various other style which use IDT audio drivers. For various other CQ style which use Conextant audio the patch installation in addition to also method is actually similar, the difference is actually you need to locate conextant audio drivers.
Last update: June 14 2013


If you already install ms-uaa you may skip which step.
 Before proceed with audio Installation you need to install Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture first. Below is actually the patch you needed.

Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (MS-UAA)

Windows XP, XP SP2:  Knowledge Base 888111 (KB888111)

Windows XP SP3:Knowledge Base 835221 (KB835221)
 Download  (KB835221)

which downloads also available in Microsoft website, you just need to search the KB888111..etc.


I provide few driver style here which reported work in most CQ40. The trick is actually simple, you just need to get your original vista drivers first. Here is actually the recommended in addition to also tested driver style.

SP39671.exe: Download – recommended (original xp driver for IDT)
SP41693.exe: Download 
SP45100.exe: Download
SP41616.exe: Download
at which point Install the driver you selected coming from the list above or your original vista drivers. (do not restart) If the installation successful with no error, try any audio file for confirmation. If which resulting in error, or no sound after successful installation proceed with next step.


which manual installation is actually also know as “have disk method”.

1.First open device manager by click start in addition to also select run type “devmgmt.msc” as shown inside pictures below.

2.Below you will see there are many drivers with yellow, select the Audio with the yellow mark, right click on which in addition to also select update driver.

3. Harware update wizard screen will appear, select no to connect, next

4.Select Install coming from list specific location, next

5. select dont searh i will choose the driver to install, next

6.then select all drivers on the next screen then make sure you uncheck the “show compatible drivers” box, select have disk

7. then select browse:

8. Then browse to the directory c:swsetup

9. Ok in which step i will show for SP39671 audio. So after open the swsetup folder select the SP36971 Folder. If you use various other audio make sure to select the folder name similar to yours example: sp45100.

10. After open the SP39671, there 3 folder in addition to also select the wdm folder. For various other audio driver maybe you will contain the similar folder or different, Important to remember we a re looking for files ended with INF extension. Here for SP39671, after open the folder slect WDM folder in addition to also Select WInXP folder

11. Then select the STHDA.INF (STHDA64.INF is actually for 64 bit) anyway press OK . Ignore if XP Complaint. then try to play some music (suggested simple mp3, no rmvb, flv or various other player which require codec).

INF file may have different name if you are using different driver style

In case the audio driver you have in addition to also i gave earlier didn,t work leave your comments in addition to also i will assist you for further instructions.

HDMI in addition to also NO SOUND AFTER RESTART

Some style will have issue with HDMI. To know either you have which issue or not, Simply after driver installation above a “brand new hardware found” windows appear. Download which driver first:

at which point install which which driver first (do not close a brand new hardware found windows), after finish install, get back to the “a brand new hardware found windows” follow the audio installation we did earlier until we get the inf file.

In case the Audio Disappear After restart follow the Guide here:


Installing Sound in Compaq CQ Series
Aneka Laptop Dan Driver Laptop

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