Create A System Restore Point In XP

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Create A System Restore Point In XP
Create A System Restore Point In XP
Windows backup and restore is a system that can save your machine to a specific time and load this backup to restore your computer in exactly the same state as when you saved it.
You can use a restore point when, for example, you have been infected by a destructive virus and can no longer serve you properly on your computer. The restore point, if you did, you will regain a healthy computer and working. Well, the theory generally just practice. The time has come for you to create a restore point (Windows XP).
You should know that Windows includes a restoration software that works perfectly well. It is this software that we will use in this cara
Create a restore point:
To begin, start Windows Restore: Button Start => All Programs => Accessories => System Tools => System Restore You should see a window offering you to restore your system or create a restore point. Select Create a restore point. and click nextyou must enter a description that will allow you to easily identify yours restore point.
Using a restore point:
Now that you have created you restore point, you need to know how to load.
If you clicked on the button Start, returned here on the main window of the assistant. Select Restore my computer to an earlier time. You now find yourself facing a schedule. This calendar is special; it lists all yours restore points. Thus, you should see you’re in the right frame by clicking on the day you created.
Cancel restore:
Your system restores gone wrong? No problem, there is a simple and effective solution?

Start the Recovery Tool. You fall back on the main window (again!?). Select Undo my last restoration. Click Next. Once again, it summarizes the information you: what will change if you cancel the restoration, what restoration will be canceled … Click Next to start the cancellation of a previous restoration. Click Cancel to cancel and exit the System Restore tool (there’s still time to turn around!). Windows restarts and like magic your computer has resumed its old settings! 
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Create A System Restore Point In XP
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