10 reasons you should evaluate before you buy the iPhone 3G

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10 reasons you should evaluate before you buy the iPhone 3G
The 3G iPhone from Apple was received with much excitement and hype in more than 44 countries where it has been launched.
10 reasons you should evaluate before you buy the iPhone 3GBut what about Brazil? Does the 3G iPhone will have the same receipt? And really worth buying it?
If you are the type of person who likes to analyze products and is more rational when buying, know 10 reasons before choosing the iPhone as your smartphone personnel.
1 – No slot for memory expansion
Available in versions with 8 GB and 16 GB of internal memory, the gadget appears to have enough storage capacity. But considering that it has a built-in iPod that plays music and videos, the space tends to decrease rapidly as the user will transferring your files or producing images. Therefore, a slot for memory card would be more than welcome. There are already on the market, for example, memory cards of the type SDHC (an evolution of SD) with 16 GB, which would double or even triple the capacity of the iPhone.
2 – Few authorized warranty service
According to Apple Brazil are only 37 centers throughout Brazil. The company’s blog states that the State of São Paulo has 12 (ten being the capital).
3 – No video call
One of the coolest features enabled by the 3G network is not available on iPhone. The reason is simple: the terminal does not have front camera, so it’s not possible for two people to talk on the phone and see at the same time.
4 – Median Camera and without flash
With 2 megapixel resolution, the iPhone’s camera is better than those with standard VGA that equipped older phones. Still, it is well below the quality produced by newer devices. LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson are some of the manufacturers now offer cameras with a resolution of 5 MP (or even greater than that), good lenses and flash perfected, another feature that the Apple smartphone also has.
5 – Support video recording does not come from factory
Another function that suppresses the iPhone is to record videos, or even those in low resolution. You can have the feature by installing third-party software, but they fall short. Ideally, this feature would already built factory.
6 – Internal Battery
If you are those who walk with an extra supply for not running out of power and can use your phone ever, forget. The iPhone battery is internal, that is, you cannot replace it easily. When it is worn enough that you need to replace it, you must go to a service center.
7 – Bluetooth half
The resort has a limited connection to another device from Apple or devices authorized by the company. In practice, if you have a headset from another brand it may not work with the iPhone. Another restriction is the transfer of files to other phones with Bluetooth (you cannot send them nor receive them).
8 – Office Files? Just to see
The Apple iPhone 3G has incorporated the ability to open Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and also those with PDF extension. But no edit documents. This function is not trivial in many smartphones, but it was expected the phone from Apple, whose second generation also wants its share in the corporate smartphone market.
9 – Assisted GPS
Instead of using a separate receiver satellite signals, as do other phones, the iPhone uses triangulation of cell phone antennas. Besides not being precise, the feature can be quite time consuming to start functioning. But when it works.
10 – Corporate use? Not yet

If you want to use the iPhone as a phone company, you better think twice. This is because the BlackBerry, for example, is much more efficient in this task, so for having the standard QWERTY keyboard which can be operated with both hands. The keyboard on the screen, activated by the touch of the fingers, is visually interesting, but can be tiring when it comes to typing longer messages. In addition, the e-mail control BlackBerry is more efficient, even with the iPhone already offering support for corporate e-mail manager Microsoft Exchange.

10 reasons you should evaluate before you buy the iPhone 3G
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